Morin khuur and Khoomii

【Morin huur】

Morin huur is the traditional strings which represent Mongolia.
When he hears morin huur, when it’s a lot, first, the person
who remembers thinks of a story “white horse of SUHO”.
But are there so much people who can imagine how is
it played by what kind of shape, and what kind of sound rings?
You’re writing that it was made using a bone of a favorite horse,
leather and a fiber according to “white horse of SUHO”.
The one which used a skull of a horse for a body of
a musical instrument once has been seen, oh,
but that restored morin huur in the picture,
and I don’t know whether such one existed actually.
Most is made of wood for a body of the morin huur which
can do to have in the hand at present, and the head’s
sculpture by which a neck is always a horse most to the top is on.
The one by which a handle tied 2 of hair of a tail of a horse
together in correctness is 2 bunches.
The bow also is hair of a tail of a horse and is eternal
structurally with a bow of a violin.
The tone of the morin huur is earthy and is simple sound
and the dried warm sound which is palm YOU of the nomad
who lives in Mongol.
And that’s the sound the thing taken out can never hear
by the strings of the violin completed as a modern musical instrument.



More than 2 of sound is also a strange song way together than a person’s of man in the world heard.
It’s handed by several minority groups which live in a mountain range in Mongolia, TUBA and Central Asia down from generation to generation, and there are various nicknames by the difference in the small technique again by each race, but the Mongolian race’s is called homey.

There is various explanation, but it isn’t able to understand by all means to hear and not to see only this sound for draft beer actually.


【Leather-covered morin huur】

The morin huur which stuck Seel’s (goat of the wild which lives in Mongolia) leather on a front of the body used from autumn in 2005. Mr. ORONBAYARU is manufactured.
The hair by which the handle and the bow are a tail of a horse of course. The simple sound makes it earthier than wooden morin huur.
The handle by which tuning of usual morin huur has by morin huur in Mongolia country, B♭ and a low chord are F.
2 phones of leather-covered morin huur is being tuned low from 1 phone more than that in case of me.
Leather and hair of a tail react to a change in the temperature and the humidity sensitively, and for the tune to change, it doesn’t suit to mix with other musical instruments so much, than the time which was being played by wooden morin huur if singing, homey accompaniment and ORUTINDO played a comfortable song and BIERUGE (melody of a Mongolian dance) etc., it’s more affected appropriate for Mongolia.

The landscape with which I met up in Mongolia and such sound by which all songs and such things nomads and they sing are remembered.
Be absorbed, be absorbed in Mongolia, morin huur, if, the musical instrument I say. (Playing we’re personal impressions.)